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Shepherds Friendly’s Income Protection Plan provides you with cover up to the age of 70 and gives you the choice of a short-term option of two years’ cover or longer as required. Protection can start from day 1 of your plan and offers you invaluable flexible cover that provides a regular tax-free income throughout any period of absence from work. 

Answers to your questions

Up to 70% of your earnings can be insured and because the benefit you receive is tax-free, it equals a higher proportion of your take-home pay.

An Income Protection Plan will give you, and those who rely on you, peace of mind when you need it whether you are employed or self-employed.

Shepherds Friendly Income Protection is available to UK residents who are working and are aged between16-70.

This policy is medically underwritten and we will take a detailed medical questionnaire from you when you make your initial application. On some occasions, Shepherds Friendly may require you to have a Medical Tele-Interview, you will be advised if this may be the case and a suitable time will be arranged with you to carry out the interview.