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The Exeter provide cover for every class of occupation, either Pure Protection Plus which is designed specifically for physical and manual workers and skilled trades or Income One Plus which is for office-based professionals and clerical workers.


Answers to your questions

The maximum monthly benefit amount you could receive depends on your income. If you earn less than £100,000 pa, you can claim up to 60% of your personal taxable income. If you earn over £100,000 pa, you can claim up to 60% of your taxable income up to £100,000 and 40% thereafter.

An Income Protection Plan will give you, and those who rely on you, peace of mind when you need it whether you are employed or self-employed.

The Exeter Income Protection is available to UK residents who are working and are aged between18-59.

Whilst the policies are medically underwritten there are no routine medical evidence required for clients under 42.