Income protection
to pay your bills
when you can’t.

  • Cover for accidents and illness

  • High-risk occupation and sport options

  • Cover available with no medical

The help you need to cope financially

Income protection insurance will provide you with financial support, ensuring you have money coming in if you can’t work due to an accident, sickness or sports injury. 

Is it like life or critical illness cover?

No. Income protection cover fills the gap between life and critical illness cover, making sure you have money coming in if you can’t work for a while due to an accident, sickness or sports injury.

Cover that’s as unique as you

If you can’t work due to illness or injury, we can help you pay your bills until you’re back on your feet. Whether you have a high-risk job or are passionate about extreme sports, we’ll tailor your cover to you – without charging any fees or adding to the cost of your premium.

What we do

Everyone’s different. We’ll take time to understand you then tailor your cover accordingly.  We have specialist policies for extreme sports or hazardous occupations.

We’ll work it all out – for free. We do all the complicated calculations for you and turn it into one simple monthly or annual price.

Quick and easy. You can get covered in no time, we take care of the application process for you.

How it works

How it works

We get to know you

We undertake a simple fact-find to understand you, your needs and what key policy features are important to you.

We compare the market

We do the hard work to locate suitable products from the market before explaining these to you.

We apply on your behalf

Once you’ve chosen a product, we complete all of the application paperwork on your behalf.

Our services

As well as income protection, we also offer a wide range of protection and mortgage solutions to suit you.

  • Personal accident insurance
  • Personal accident and sickness insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Mortgages

What our customers are saying.

I think that the service provided has been exceptional.
I was well informed about everything and it has all been very easy to sort out, I couldn’t be happier to recommend!

Michael Owen. Chester
I have ridden and competed horses for over 40 years and I had been thinking of taking out some insurance “just in case”. I called to get a quote as I liked the fact it would cover all accidents anywhere, anytime but I decided to leave it, thinking I would get back to them when I had a spare moment.
I took a trip to an indoor ski slope, fell and broke my wrist. Nothing to do with horses! If I had taken the policy, I would have received a pay out of £4,250! I’m just really lucky that I had family to help with the horses and daily chores, but for those who don’t, the costs can really mount up!
I have now taken a policy out as you just never know what is around the corner!
Julie Finney

Perfect for what I wanted! The lady took the time to explain everything and didn’t push things on to you. I could not have asked for a better experience and would recommend it to anyone, top job keep it up!

Trusted Customer.

Excellent! The whole process was made really easy and the agent was very informative and helpful.

Aaron Matthews.