What is Income Protection?

Income Protection is a long-term policy that replaces a percentage of your monthly income should you be unable to work due to injury or illness.

Essentially, we pay your bills if you can’t.

Many people think they have cover via their employer but it is worth checking this out.  Many Employers Liability products will only cover members for accidents at work whereas our policies cover work, home and play for both accidents and illness.

For an affordable monthly premium we provide cover that protects you until you are able to go back to work or until you reach retirement age if you are unable to work again.

At Protect My Income we offer up to 70% of what you earn and cover an extensive list of illnesses, as well as injuries sustained at work, home and play.  We cover you for all cycling activities such including racing and mountain biking which other policies may exclude.

The one protection policy every working adult in the UK should consider is the very one most of us don’t have – income protection.

Would you like no obligation quote?

Because our insurance is tailored to meet your specific needs (your income, the sport you participate in and your financial commitments), we prefer to talk to you. This takes approximately 10 minutes and you can be on cover immediately.  After you fill in the quote request form we will be in touch within a working day.

If you need to get on cover immediately in office hours please call 0333 355 2468.

For immediate protection and peace of mind

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