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Imagine not being able to work because of illness or accidental injury. A couple of days off work, even a couple of weeks might not make much difference to your finances. However, just think if your condition was more serious and you were absent for a prolonged period; money worries could soon add to your troubles.

For most people, employer or State benefits simply aren’t sufficient to keep them financially afloat when illness or accident strikes.

The average uk salary after tax is £22,985 which means that if you had to rely on statutory sick pay alone you would have a monthly shortfall of £1,515.

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My Earnings Protected is an individual income protection contract that allows you to insure part of your earnings. If you are unable to work because of illness or injury and as a result your earnings go down or stop, you will be able to claim benefit to help you meet your essential costs.

• Up to 65% of your earnings can be insured and because the benefit you receive is tax-free, it equals a higher proportion of your take home pay*.

• My Earnings Protected will give you, and those who rely on you, peace of mind when you need it.

• Covers the employed and self-employed

  • Available to UK residents aged 18-55 and working
  • Pays a benefit if insured is unable to work due to illness or following an accident
  • No sports or motorcycle exclusions (subject to accident history and earnings)
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