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Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

The MulitProtect policy provides financial support for you 24/7 worldwide, covering a range of injuries from broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on your life.

You will also be covered if you have to spend time in a UK hospital and, with our extended cover options, you can protect your children as well. 

MultiProtect has generous disability benefits alongside death and funeral benefits making it a valuable and cost effective policy for you and your family.

Choose your level of protection

3 units 4 units 5 units
Core Cover £24 per month £32 per month £40 per month
Child Cover + £3 per month + £4 per month + £5 per month
Active Lifestyle Cover + £3 per month + £4 per month + £5 per month
Healthcare Cover + £3 per month + £4 per month + £5 per month

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Core Cover includes the benefits below

With a monthly premium from £8 to £40 per month

Broken Bones

Cover is up to £3,750 per broken bone, even if you break more than one.

Accidental Death

Should the worst happen, MultiProtect provides cover for up to £200,000

Total Permanent Disability

Cover up to £250,000. 

Accidental Permanent Injury

Covers a wide range of life-changing injuries up to £250,000. 

UK Hospital Stays

Cover is up to £250 per 24-hour period you’re admitted to a UK hospital due to an accident or sickness (sickness is covered once you’ve had your policy for 12 months). 

Funeral Benefit

Up to £10,000 if you die as a result of natural causes, or your premiums returned if your death is within the first year of your policy. 

Optional Cover – add each one from just £1 per month

Child Cover

Offers a wide range of benefitsincluding children’s cancer cover, and provides protection for children aged 6 months to 18 years, or up to 23 years if your child is in full-time education. Children do not need to live with the policyholder.

Active Lifestyle Cover

Provides additional cover for accidental injuries such as ligament tears, tendon ruptures and dislocations, so you can keep enjoying the activities you love.

Healthcare Cover

Is tailored for those who may be at particular risk of contracting certain illnesses, such as those who work in the healthcare sector. 

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